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I left my heart in Tokyo

When I undertook my round the world trip several years back my first destination was Tokyo. I had never been outside Europe before in my life; and suddenly there I was, stepping off the plane and into a madcap – yet strangely organised – city of lights, noise (from the Pachinko parlours), and people simply everywhere! Unintelligible signs were at every move; it was easy to be overwhelmed by the whole experience. But I lapped it up.

Two years on, Japan – and Tokyo, in particular – still occupies a special place in my heart. I’m not sure if it was the fact it was just the first exciting stop on my journey, and whether I would have felt the same had it been the last country I would have visited. But regardless, I love the place, for its food, excitement, noise, alien-ness, humour (Engrish, anyone?), its people (especially its women!) and I want to go back there as soon as I can get the cash together!

So in the meantime, this is my window on Japan. I’ll be reporting back on aspects of The Land Where The Sun Rises from the comfort of my armchair – its sights, culture, language and so on – with a backpacker bent. So I hope you enjoy the posts. Please link to me if you find them useful for your readers, and happy reading!

(PS. The title is a reference to that godawful song that’s on the radio all the time at the moment, which is akin to blasphemy! The song, as I see it, has nothing to do with Tokyo or Japan – it’s just some gimmick hook. Oh yeah, they put an Asian tune hook going into the chorus, but that sounds Chinese to me, not Japanese! Clueless…)



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